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I'm really looking forward to our first Christmas party this evening or "Vernissage" as the French say. I've been planning on how to set up all of the beautiful pieces that I've sourced from our incredible Designers from across the UK, France and Scandinavia and I think that I'm nearly there - but of course there will be the last minute stresses too before the party starts but that's the way it goes hey?


As I mentioned in my last blog posting, we are going for a pink Christmas this year - not too girlie a pink but a really strong, "we're going to have a fantastic festive Christmas" statement pink, (sorry to my husband!). I've just loved mixing the pinks, so that the overall look isn't too flat. There are the fluro pink candlesticks mixed with the magenta ones, a rich purple tablecloth and then Michael Angove's pale pink rose place mats all contrasted with our white French ceramics from Jars and Michael Angove's table mats and coasters and beautiful vintage crystal which I've collected over the years.


Here's what it's looking like so far:


A Pink Christmas A Pink Christmas 


I can't wait for our guests to arrive, gosh it's going to be a long wait as they're not coming until this evening but the bubbles and wine are in the fridge, (priorities) and now I'm off to get the lights hanging up and work out how to display those.


See you later if you're coming to the party and if you can't make it for whatever reason, don't live in  France, busy or coming to another one, I'll let you know how it goes.. Ciao Ciao.